BRUTE GOLF was founded in Texas USA in 2014 specifically developing drivers for the sport of Long Drive. 

BRUTE GOLF Drivers have been used by professionals all over the world, competing and winning titles withing World Long Drive and European Long Drive.

In mid 2020 the company passed over to german posession to the new owner Mr. Asmus Lembke and is now directed by him 
and Mr. Timo Petrasch.

Use ADVANTAGES for "normal" golf!

As already written, BRUTE GOLF specialized 90% in the long drive scene. With driver heads of 3-6 degrees, which can hardly be played by a normal golfer. 

We want to change this very clearly!

We want everyone to be able to use the qualities of BRUTE GOLF.
With driver heads from 3 to 14 degrees, every golfer can now use the advantages of BRUTE GOLF. Our drivers are adapted exactly to your swing speed!

  • What Loft
  • What Shaft
  • Lenght
  • Grip

So we can put together a BRUTE GOLF driver for each player individually. The longest golfers in the world play it, why not profit from it yourself ?!

Complete BRUTE GOLF equipment

We at BRUTE GOLF will now also offer the "full package" of golf equipment. For us it is very important that we are different from the conventional golf manufacturers and we have clearly succeeded in doing this with our praise for wedges, iron sets, hybrids and golf bags.
Not only the swing feeling and the result are exactly according to our requirements, the unique BRUTE DESIGN convinces with the individual clubs.